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snack & drink vending machines

Adelaide Free Vending allows you to choose from 3 main product layouts. We offer you Snacks Only, Drinks Only and also a combination of both snacks and drinks.

Most of our clients choose the combination option as it allows for a greater variety of snacks and drinks to choose from. We do have a large range of items to select from, so going with a combo machine is a great idea and makes everyone happy!

Being an independent company, we are able to offer you almost any product regardless of which company produces said product. We have no alliance to any manufacturer which allows us to offer you a variety of products.

With our growing healthy choices range which includes, beef and chicken meals, coconut water and fresh juices, there’s never been a better time to enjoy your own vending system.

We are also happy to help you design a layout which caters to the exact needs of your workplace. Our company deals with all types of businesses like schools, airports, gyms and every other working environment you can think of!



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